Welcome to Lash Play!

We are a specialised eyelash salon located in sunny Singapore. Founded in 2016, we recognised that every woman want to look beautiful so we set out on a mission to learn a unique eyelash extension layering technique to make your eyes look more lifted, defined and bigger. This gives you a natural-looking long, thick, perfectly curled lashes that you’ve always dreamed of. For ladies who prefer a lower maintainence solution, we also provide lash lift and tint services so your natural lashes are nicely curled.

Rest assure that we strive every day to give each and every customer top quality service, personalised options and consistency. Every lash session is relaxing and pain free procedure, most of our customers fall asleep without realising! Our lash rooms are fully partitioned, dedicated to just you and your lashes – not tucked into a hair/beauty salon or in someone’s house.

As lashes are our sole focus, we have the experience and expertise that sets us apart from others. Make an appointment with us today and wake up beautiful everyday!

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