About Us

Lash Play is dedicated to making every woman look beautiful with consistent quality layered lash extensions. We understand that each individual woman’s style and eyes are unique, hence our certified lash artists will conduct thorough consultations with every client taking into consideration current health of your natural lashes, to help determine what length, curl, and lash style would best suit your eyes.

We take pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene; we sterilize our equipment after every single lash appointment. We also value your privacy, each room is fully partitioned so you can enjoy a good lash nap! The application procedure is relaxing that most clients even fall asleep. Many wake up amazed to see how gorgeous their new lashes look because we work every set to perfection. We promise you will love your new and improved lashes, we are confident that the results will speak for themselves!

After getting your lashes done at Lash Play, you will notice a change in your daily beauty routine. You will easily shave off a few minutes, means you have more time to snooze and rack up more beauty sleep! There is no longer a need to apply mascara, utilize an eyelash curler and even drawing eyeliner. With proper technique, eyelash extensions can prevent damage to your natural eyelashes normally caused by eyelash curlers and/or heavy mascara application.

Rest assure that we offer our beauty clients a set of truly gorgeous eyelashes extensions to enhance and provide a renewed sense of confidence. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and earn your trust!


“Eyes are the window to your soul” – William Shakespeare