At Lash Play, we use a unique layering technique to create beautiful and natural looking eyelash extensions. We divide your lashes into different layers, along with combination of various lash extension lengths to create a mascara effect. Type and style of eyelash extension will be carefully determined after consultation with you.

For every eyelash extension service and lash removal done with Lash Play, we provide below mentioned services complimentary for you:

  • A deep cleansing lash spa removes dead skin, oil, dirt and bacteria to prevent eye infections and irritation. Clean eyelashes and lash line also helps your eyelash extensions bond better hence longer lasting.
  • A hydrating eye mask to relieve tired eyes and dark circles.
  • Not only proper lash extension application is essential, proper maintenance will allow you to fully enjoy your new set of lashes. An after-care kit will be provided to you – inside includes an aftercare card, spoolie wand and sponge to aid in cleaning your eye area.

Lastly, we will provide a mini tutorial on how to care for your new set of lashes so you can fully enjoy them while they lasts.


Classic Single Strand Eyelash Extension (90mins)   $98

A single eyelash extension intricately applied onto your individual original eyelashes.  We believe in making you look your best so we provide unlimited extensions. Giving you a mascara effect without having to worry about any smudging!



2D Volume Eyelash Extension (120mins)   $128

This application involves individually adding two eyelash extensions to a single original eyelash. This gives the lashes a more fluttery criss cross effect, allowing a slightly more full look. Approximately 400 extensions applied.  Highly recommended for ladies with sparse lashes.



3D Volume Eyelash Extension (150mins)   $148

Three lash extensions are individually added to a single original eyelash, giving your eyes a slightly more volume and more luscious look than 2D volume lash. Approximately 600 extensions are applied. Ideal for ladies who prefer a slight more dramatic effect.



Camellia Eyelash Extension (150mins)   $158

This lash set is the perfect choice if you would like something more than 3D volume but less than TuTu volume. It involves attaching mixed lengths of lash extensions to mimic the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Approximately 800 extensions are applied.



TuTu Volume Eyelash Extension (150mins)   $178

Similar to Camellia lash extensions, we apply another layer of lashes using a layering technique allowing it to be longer lasting than other volume lashes. Extremely light-weight and six extensions applied onto each natural lash creating soft, fluffy volume effect. Approximately 1500 strands of extension are applied.


Lash Refill (can only be done once from initial appointment)

Single strand – must be done within 14 days (additional $20 surcharge if done within 21 days)

Volume – must be done within 24 days (additional $20 surcharge if done within 30 days)


Lash Removal (20mins)

If your lashes are done by Lash Play, removal is free.

An extra charge of $20 for single/volume lash sets not done by us, $40 for cluster lashes.

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