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  1. Fantastic Lashes

    I travel overseas often so its difficult to find a place to have my lashes done when needed. I was travelling through Singapore and found Lash Play online. It was so easy to make an appointment they there we very professional. My flight was late and I messaged to let them know and they were still able to accommodate me . The Salon is lovely and clean and staff friendly and helpful. The most important part my LASHES are fabulous . Highly recommended x

  2. love them!

    Ditto to all the great things everyone has said about Lash Play! Very clean and comfortable studio with good service! Dionne takes a lot of pride in her work and she’s a joy to chat with. She’s very patient and meticulous and my lashes always turn out great under her skillful hands. They last for a long time too. The best! Thanks Dionne!

  3. Awesome Lashes everytime!

    I am a regular with Melissa and always loved coming back for my lashes. She is meticulous and remembers what I like. Mel has a great personality and I will always come back.

  4. Love the lash lift

    Dionne is extremely friendly, sessions with her are always comfortable and she will try her best to make your lashes look their best.

    I converted from doing extensions to lash lift and tint, started using the serum they recommend and saw growth on my 2nd session. Super pleased with it! Thanks lashplay ☺️

  5. Awesome as always

    Been going back to Lashplay to get my lashes done since my first experience. Really love the warm hospitality and on top of that the cosy ambiance. With LashPlay I am assured to receive the most suitable recommendations for my preferences and needs. Thank you Melissa & Dionne!

  6. Lash lift & extensions

    I have been to quite a few lash salons and been hopping around as i did not find a place which i really like. Either the experience made me feel uncomfortable, or the lashes done was not to my liking.

    Here are Lash Play, i have done 2 extensions and 1 lash lift with Dionne & Melissa. Both are very professional and i am happy with either of them doing my lashes. 1 problem with going to other salons is that they have too many lash artists, and it really depends on your luck to get a good one. But no such issue here. Rest assure that both Dionne and Melissa will deliver a satisfying experience for you. 🙂

    Hope to see you soon Melissa and Dionne.

  7. Wonderful Experience

    Melissa is extremely meticulous and professional. She is always ready to cater to your needs individually and taking you more personally to make you look pretty!😀 Be certain you are in her good hands. Will definitely visit again. Thank You Melissa!

  8. Wonderful Lash Lift

    I’d like to share my very pleasant experience here with Lash Lift and thank Dionne for heart warm service!

    I got to know about Lashplay through social media and had my first Lash Lift by Dionne last year in Nov 2018. It was my first time doing Lash Lift and the final results wowed me because, personally I’m not someone who put much thoughts into my lashes until one fine day I just felt the urge to do something to curl my lashes and make them pretty like how I’ve seen so many on social media.
    The result is very natural looking lashes which did not make me looked like I did a lot to my eyes because from the start I’m really not one who puts much eye make up. My eyes appeared to be bigger than usual and it looked brighter as well. This Lash Lift really helped enhanced the look of my eyes and I really loved the overall result.

    Hence, I came for my 2nd Lash Lift and this time I did the Tint as well. Dionne is a very nice and cute lady to speak to! Rest assure to have your eye lashes dealt by her very delicate and skilful hands!

    Initially I booked the appointment for a Single Strand Eye Lash Extension. However, when I reach the salon, I still had a little worry whether to continue or to make a switch for a Lash Lift instead. I was concerned on the final results of the Lash extension being overwhelmed for myself as this is only my second time doing lash extensions (I didn’t like my first Lash extensions, therefore this concern).

    However with Dionne’s professional skills and years of experience in dealing with lashes, she helped me to make a decision in taking up the Lash Lift and with Tint once again as that would best suit what I’m looking for as well as based on the shape of my eyes.

    So I would definitely suggest any girls out there who had consideration in making your eyes look bigger, blink and glow, please do consider an eye lash lift for a start! It’s very natural because you’re not adding anything just curling your own lashes and helps to brighten up your overall look. I’m not sure how Long the curl lasted prolly about a month or so as I didn’t kept track but this time I will definitely keep monitoring.

    Do engage Dionne if any of you will wanna do up your eyelashes. I truly trust her advice and skills will give you the best results 🙂

    Also, on a side note! She actually has a side hobby where she does Watercolour painting of animals as well, apart from her eyelash business! So do have a chat with her to find out more about her animal paintings because she shared with me and they are really really awesome artwork!

    Thank you Dionne for the wonderful eye lash lift experience in making my lashes curl so prettily!

  9. Best Lash Salon I ever been to

    I have been to many Lash Salons for my eyelash extensions, and Lash Play by far is the best Lash Salon I ever been to.

    In other lash salons, I always had issues like:
    -When I shut my eye it feels like it’s scratching and kind of hurt and annoying.
    – When I open my eye the glue stings my eyes.
    – The lash extensions wasn’t properly attached to the real lashes, causing some lash pulling sensations on my eyes, really hurt me.
    – The lash extensions didn’t last.
    – The lash extensions feels heavy on my eyes, causing discomfort in my daily activities.

    I experienced none of these issues with the lash extensions done my Melissa and Dionne. They applied the lash extensions very neatly and meticulously on my real lashes. The glue doesn’t sting my eyes at all. The lash extensions are very very light, thus I feel very comfortable, and the lash extensions done by Lash Play lasts long, and really literally zero discomfort.

    It is really important to let only the expert handle your lashes as wrong handling will affect your eye health. I feel that I really can entrust my eyes and eyelashes to Melissa and Dionne as results have proven that they really are expert in this. I know that I’m in their good hands.

    Thank you Melissa and Dionne for helping me stay pretty with pretty lashes done by you!

  10. Never disappoints me!

    Melissa never disappoints me each time i try out a new style. When I pointed out my concerns during my first visit, she could immediately fix it (which other salons couldn’t). I can always leave my lashes in her good hands. The service rendered was excellent and i love how she cleans my lashes before starting the job. On top of that, the shop is clean and cosy!

    Thank you Melissa!! 😘

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